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College Program

Interns are provided with work experience that expose them to administrative and supporting careers in health care environments. Interns will not participate in medical treatment or procedures for patients or members during this internship.

KP LAUNCH Intern Experience

About The Experience

  • An eight-week paid summer internship, earning $18.25 – $24.25 per hour
  • Mentorship and networking
  • Job shadowing opportunities
  • Professional and personal development workshops
  • A community service experience
  • Exposure to senior leaders in various career fields

The 2021 KP LAUNCH college internship program is scheduled for June 14, 2021, through August 6, 2021.


  • Ages 18-24 by June 1, 2021
  • Have a high school diploma or general education diploma
  • Be currently enrolled in a community college, four-year undergraduate college or university, vocational or trade school at the time of application within one academic year, or be a graduate program no earlier than the previous academic year. Graduate students are not eligible to participate
  • Provide proof of eligibility to legally work in the United States
  • Demonstrate leadership ability through campus activities, community service, or previous employment
  • Have a permanent residence in a Northern California Kaiser Permanente designated service area

Frequently Asked Questions
About the College Program


If selected to participate in this program, what do I need to do in order to become employed by Kaiser Permanente?

To complete the hiring process and become employed as a KP LAUNCH intern, interns must:

  1. Participate in and pass a drug screening
  2. If age 18 or over by June 1, 2021, pass a standard background check
  3. Complete all employee health requirements, typically including tuberculosis (Tb) test
  4. Submit legal work documentation, including information relevant to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services I-9 form available online at this link for reference.

Fall Academic schedule

What if school starts before the KP LAUNCH program is over?

If your academic schedule for Fall 2021 interferes with the KP LAUNCH program schedule between June 14, 2021, and August 6, 2021, notify the KP LAUNCH team by May 1, 2021.


Where will I be working?

If you are chosen to proceed with our process after your pre-screening, you’ll interview with departments that are located primarily throughout Oakland or where otherwise specified on the internship description.  For professional development days, you’ll be required to arrange for your own transportation to downtown Oakland.


How much will I be paid as a KP LAUNCH intern?

KP LAUNCH college interns will be paid between $18.25 to $24.25 per hour based on experience.  Pay is bi-weekly.

Returning intern

I was in the program last summer. Can I come back to the program?

Yes; the program manager may decide to select returning interns depending on program availability.  Interns are encouraged to explore careers by avoiding returning to the department from the previous summer.

Sick days

What if I get sick during the program and am unable to work?

Interns should not come to work ill.  Interns are not eligible to receive sick pay or be able to substitute a work shift if unable to work.


What if I can’t find a ride to work?

Interns are expected to arrive on-time to work every day. Interns are responsible for securing and paying for their own daily transportation (e.g., BART fare, bus fare, parking, etc.).  Multiple delays in starting the work shift on time may result in termination from the program.  Interns who are not based in Oakland who come into Oakland for professional development days are eligible for mileage reimbursement. These must be submitted before the end of the program.


How much paid vacation time do I have while participating in the KP LAUNCH program?

None. College interns are expected to work full-time through the duration of the 8-10 week program depending on their internship assignment.

Dress code

What am I expected to wear to work as a KP LAUNCH intern?

As a KP LAUNCH intern, you are expected to dress professionally every day at work per our dress code unless your internship department has uniform requirements.


Download KP LAUNCH Dress Code

If you’ve read this information and have remaining questions, please send your inquiry via email to:

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