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KP LAUNCH is a unique summer internship experience that is part of Kaiser Permanente’s investment in the future of health care. Our interns get an insider’s look at health care while building a professional network.


Gain career exposure with the KP LAUNCH summer internship program. You will get hands-on experience while you learn about a variety of non-medical careers available at Kaiser Permanente. Read about the types of careers that are available:

Explore Kaiser Permanente Administrative Careers

Members of our accounting team support corporate projects and lend insight to areas such as financial reporting, tax planning and preparation, and audit management. This team also includes our audit professionals, who partner with financial and operational groups across the organization to analyze budgets and streamline procedures.

Supporting critical business functions such as financial services, national Medicare finance, strategic planning, auditing, and corporate finance, our finance professionals develop the strategies that enable us to meet our financial goals.

Applying probability and statistics to the practical problems of insurance, our actuarial team performs a variety of duties, including calculating the cost of premiums and policy values, preparing statistical studies, and forecasting financial results.

From greeting callers and visitors and answering questions to coordinating schedules and arranging meetings, our administrative, clerical, and support teams consistently demonstrate extraordinary knowledge, skills, and abilities. They provide superior and culturally sensitive service to each other, our members, purchasers, contracted providers, and vendors.

Communications combines numerous interrelated department, including Corporate Communications, Issues and Brand Management, Public Relations, Media and Stakeholder Relations, Public Affairs, and more.  Working together, they are dedicated to advancing the Kaiser Permanente mission, promoting and protecting the Kaiser Permanente brand internally and externally, and supporting the success of its business strategy.

Our comprehensive, world-class compliance, privacy, and regulatory program reinforces our commitment to our members, regulators, and the communities we helping Kaiser Permanente operate from the highest ethical standards and follow all applicable laws, standards, policies, and procedures. As a member of this team that impacts the lives of millions, you’ll engage with internal stakeholders to foster an environment of safety and trust for our members, physicians, and employees alike.

These careers consist of Program and Project Managers, Business Consultants, Business Analysts, and Data Analysts who all work together to effect positive organizational change from the inside out.  As a member of this talented team interns make a difference through performing business analysis, developing business cases, providing client support during system development and implementation, managing projects, or by leading complex programs with multiple work streams.

With more than 12 million members, 217,000 employees, and 47 million doctor visits a year, our customer service teams need interns to work with a wide variety of people to address concerns, resolve grievances, and educate our communities about our offerings. At Kaiser Permanente, you’ll put your communication and mediation skills to work in support of excellence. We are committed to supporting you with ongoing growth, training, and development opportunities.

Our education and training teams dedicate their attention to the ongoing development of our many health and business professionals to improve the overall performance of the organization. Work includes identifying training needs, designing learning strategies, defining instructional courses, and harboring an ongoing commitment to leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and instructional management.

Handling the administration of all activities concerned with the ordering, storage, and movement of materials — as well as assessing, maintaining, and improving the upkeep and appearance of our facilities — as a member of this team you’ll help everything look and run its best inside and outside our 600+ locations. Working in building management, maintenance, sourcing, purchasing, environmental services, and more, you’ll play a vital role in ensuring the success of our organization.

Envision the future, inspire change, and deliver results. Put your talents to work not just at a powerful business, but at an organization dedicated to empowering the health and well-being of millions. As a valued member of the Kaiser Permanente team, your visionary and strategic contributions are especially vital to our success. Come drive change within the organization and across the future of health care.

The work you do building engaged teams, promoting an environment of respect, and developing recruitment and retention strategies helps our employees realize their potential while strengthening the organization as a whole. Whether you specialize in recruiting, benefits and compensation, human resources information systems (HRIS), or training and development, you help identify, recruit, hire, and develop the talent that will define our future.

Our insurance and claims teams are committed to meeting customer and member expectations when it comes to the timely and accurate processing of claims, while remaining in compliance with federal, state, and local laws, as well as regulations and rules. Make an impact as you contribute to the implementation of contemporary technology in areas such as claims quality, claims operations, business analysis, processing, configuration, reporting, and more.

We enable technology on a massive scale. 6.9 petabytes of data? We got it. Acres of virtual servers? Yep. Innovative apps and award-winning systems? Check. All used to support the most vital system of all: life. Come build, design, and maintain systems that support our mission and vision. At Kaiser Permanente Information Technology, our integrated systems and innovative platforms shape the future of health care. And each of our approximately 6,000 IT professionals define — and redefine — the role technology plays in our industry.

At KP Digital, we’re driving the health care transformation to make each member the center of their own health care universe. As part of a team working as one for a healthier today and tomorrow, we work with doctors and health care workers to expand upon what’s possible for care delivery. We partner with our broker community to make smarter options for employers. We’re extending our digital footprint far beyond the bedside to make a real difference in each member’s mind, body and spirit.

You’ll embed enhanced digital capabilities into our clinical workflows to help us deliver customized, relevant content and tools. You’ll explore how AI and ML can change the outcomes for smaller, hard to reach communities. In this health care IT job, you’ll work in tandem with business and technology stakeholders to create enhanced technologies that will power the future of total health.

A national organization with practice groups in areas such as business, litigation, labor and employment, government programs, and liability, Kaiser Permanente’s legal team provides advice and representation on a wide range of issues. In addition, counsels provide legal advice to management in each Kaiser Permanente region, and an Office of Board and Corporate Governance Services provides support to the Boards of Directors of Kaiser Permanente Hospitals and Health Plan and its subsidiaries.

Comprising eight practice groups – Health Care Business Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Litigation, Labor & Employment, Health Plan & Payor Operations, Government Programs, Provider Operations, and Professional and Public Liability – opportunities in this area include Counsel, Paralegal, Litigation & Data Systems Manager, eHealth Business Operations Specialist, Legislative Representative, Regional Policy Administrator, Research Assistant, and more.

Responsible for providing hundreds of millions of dollars in savings to the organization, our procurement and supply professionals are intently focused on reducing costs, establishing supplier diversity, and practicing green sourcing. The work you’ll do designing budgets, delivering strategic business plans, and saving dollars will translate directly into improved member care. Come apply your ideas, bold thinking, and business expertise to managing supply chains and delivering the results that enable us to deliver our mission.

As an organization, we are committed to delivering the same exemplary care no matter who you are, where you are, or what your needs. But how are those standards defined, measured, and assessed? That’s where our quality assurance team comes in. Implementing the action plans and initiatives that will drive successful practices, you’ll work across the organization to foster the necessary education, communication, and innovation that will enable us to operate as one KP — with our mission and goals in complete alignment.

Recognized worldwide for their scientific expertise, our researchers collect data on topics including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mental health, and drug safety — just to name a few.

In addition to studies centered at these facilities, our physicians and researchers conduct clinical trials of new drugs, medical devices, and other therapies through several organized centers and independently at single sites. Put together, Kaiser Permanente’s research centers and scientists comprise one of the largest and most comprehensive nonacademic research programs in the United States.

Apply your sales, account management, marketing, and product development skills as a member of our high-performing team. Kaiser Permanente’s unique stance as an insurance provider and care delivery organization provides the key differentiation that rests at the core of our offering. This, coupled with an unwavering commitment to health advocacy and total health, drives our marketing and sales strategies — and it’s what will set your career apart from the rest.


Requirements and Steps

  • Check to see if you meet the requirements of the High School or College program.
  • Complete online application, including uploading your resume and personal statement of 750 words or less.
  • Wait to be notified. Qualified applicants will be contacted via email and/or phone for an interview with a program manager or on-site coordinator. After the interview, selected interns will receive an email and phone call inviting them to join the program.
  • Please note: Dependents of Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians are not eligible to participate in KP LAUNCH programs. 
Application open/closed date November 20, 2023 – January 2, 2024
Application Review January 2024 – February 2024
Interviews/Selections February 2024 – March 1, 2024
Selection Notification
Non-selection Notification
By March 15*, 2024
By May 1, 2024
Complete Employment On-boarding By May 31, 2024
Program Start/End June 10 – August 2, 2024 – College

June 17 – August 2, 2024 – High School

Not all applicants or interviewees are selected to participate in the program. Email notifications will be sent to applicants by May 1, with acceptances or declinations to the 2024 program.

For community or academic partners who would like to join our 2023 KP LAUNCH program mailing click here.  

Contact us: || 510-987-3297

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