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High School Program

Interns are provided with work experience that expose them to administrative and supporting careers in health care environments. Interns will not participate in medical treatment or procedures for patients or members during this internship.

KP LAUNCH Intern Experience

About The Experience

  • A seven-week paid summer work experience, earning the hourly minimum wage which varies by city of $15.50 – $18 per hour
  • Weekly workshops designed to give participants valuable personal and professional skills development
  • A unique relationship with supervisors and mentors to gain insight on how to prepare for a career in health care
  • Networking opportunities with peers and senior leaders through work-based activities, community service projects, or social events

Who Should Apply

As a community-serving program focused on increasing diversity in health care careers, we strongly encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds and underserved communities to apply. This opportunity best serves students who have no previous exposure to health care.

KP LAUNCH Summer 2024 Program Dates:

June 17th – August 2nd

Applications are CLOSED for Summer 2024

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High school interns must:

  • Be ages 16 – 19 by June 1st, 2024.  Applicants must be 16 years of age by June 1st, 2024. If you will not be 16 by June 1st, 2024, you are not eligible to participate in the 2024 Summer Program.
  • Priority is given to juniors and senior-level students
  • Be a current high school student and/or graduating senior of the Class of 2024*
  • Be available to work full-time during the seven-week summer program, Monday – Friday, between the hours of 8a – 5pm (hours may differ depending on department)
  • Provide proof of eligibility to legally work in the United States
  • Have a permanent residence in a Northern California Kaiser Permanente designated service area.
  • In order to protect the health and safety of our workforce, patients, and communities we serve, Kaiser Permanente now requires employees, including remote workers, to provide proof of full vaccination for COVID-19 or receive a medical or religious exemption.  There may also be a COVID-19 vaccine booster requirement depending on where you work.  For more information on Kaiser Permanente’s response to COVID-19, visit our Resource Center
  • Dependents of Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians are not eligible to participate in KP LAUNCH programs.

*High school graduates of the class of 2023 without college experience may apply for consideration for this program.


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Frequently Asked Questions
About the High School Program


Can I participate in the KP LAUNCH programs if I turn 16 over the summer?

No. If you are not 16 years old or older before June 1, 2024, please consider applying for KP LAUNCH the following summer. If you turn 16 years old before June 1, 2024, you are welcome to complete the application and are eligible to participate in KP LAUNCH.

College students

What if I’m a college student who wants to be in KP LAUNCH?

KP LAUNCH programs include undergraduate (college) and high school programs. More information can be found online at KP LAUNCH or the Kaiser Permanente University Connection.

Dress code

What am I expected to wear to work as a KP LAUNCH intern?

As a KP LAUNCH intern, you are expected to dress in business casual attire per our dress code unless your internship department has uniform requirements.


If selected to participate in this program, what do I need to do in order to become employed by Kaiser Permanente?

To complete the hiring process and become employed as a KP LAUNCH intern, interns must:

  1. Participate in and pass a drug screening
  2. If age 18 and over at the time of hiring, pass a standard federal background check
  3. Complete all employee health requirements, typically including a tuberculosis (Tb) test and physical examination
  4. Submit legal work documentation, e.g. legal work permits if the intern is under the age of 18 and will be returning to high school in the fall of 2024.  You may access the US Citizenship and Immigration Services I-9 form details online at this link for reference.

Work Permit

Do I need a student work permit to participate?

Interns selected to participate in KP LAUNCH programs must provide a work permit to Talent Acquisition during the employment screening if they will be enrolled in high school in the fall of 2024. High school graduates from the class of 2023 are not required to submit a work permit. See the California Department of Education website for additional information.


Which program do I apply to?

You are eligible to work in a Kaiser Permanente Medical Center or business offices closest to your home address. If you’re unsure of where your closest location is, you can find out online here.

Work site

Where will I be working if chosen to participate in the program?

Every year, different departments, projects and locations are available. Departments in the past include: nursing, internal medicine, administration, and patient care services. Work is typically office-related with little or no patient interaction to maintain patient and intern safety and compliance.


How much will I be paid as a KP LAUNCH intern?

KP LAUNCH interns will be paid minimum wage based on the State of California and city’s standards depending on where the local program is located: between $15.50-18 per hour. Interns work a full-time, eight-hour schedule with a maximum of 40 hours per week. Pay is bi-weekly.

Returning intern

I was in the program last summer. Can I come back to the program?

The on-site coordinator may decide to select returning interns depending on program availability and limited to one returning summer. You may also ask about an opportunity to help run the program as a program coordinator if you’ve completed at least one year of college curriculum.

Sick days

What if I get sick during the program and am unable to work?

Interns should not come to work ill.  Interns are not eligible to receive sick pay, and cannot substitute a work shift if unable to work. Interns must notify their program manager or on-site coordinator if they are ill.


What if I can’t find a ride to work?

Interns are expected to arrive on-time to work every day. Interns must secure reliable transportation upon accepting a position as a KP LAUNCH intern. Interns are responsible for securing and paying for their own daily transportation (e.g., BART fare, bus fare, parking, etc.). Multiple delays in starting the work shift on time may result in termination from the program.


How much vacation time do I have while participating in the KP LAUNCH program?

None. KP LAUNCH interns are expected to work full-time during the eight-week program, and do not receive vacation time.  Under limited circumstances to attend college/university orientations, interns may be excused for up to two work days by providing proper documentation.  Applicants who have pre-planned vacations interfering with a Monday through Friday work schedule should reconsider their application.


Download Interviewing Tips
Download the KP LAUNCH Dress Code

If you’ve read this information and have remaining questions, please contact: || 510-987-3297

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